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About Ambering is an emerging global amber business, was founded in December 2011, focused on producing 100% pure natural, high-end, noble amber jewelry. Sincerely and eternity is the core values of Our products are symbol of happiness with high quality.


All products are 100% unique handmade, that's why a lot of customers like our products. We have a group of Baltic Amber jewelry manufacturers located in India and Poland. ambering.comAt present, all the members of specialize in certain group of products. Such as specific necklaces, unique bracelets, chic amber rings and exquisite amber earrings, also some special rosaries, amber stones. We also have the large section of amber for baby and the people with personality.


Best Wishes on

Our aim is to lead more and more people to enshrine or even fall in love with the amber jewelry, that is our ultimately purpose. No worries about the quality, all our amber products are top quality which won high reputation from the worldwide, to ensure our customers get a charming and noble appearance.


Large Selection, Top Quality!

All the jewelries we offered in our store were 100% unique handmade and made of 100% Natural Baltic Amber without admixtures or chemical additives. We are very conscious of our customers and their experience in working with us and very proud to bring the finest natural amber directly to you.

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