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Have Teething To Be Painful For Your Baby?

The Baltic amber teething necklace has been designed to ensure the safety of your child by knotting before & after each bead so in the event that the necklace does break (it will break if excessive force is applied) only one bead will come off and the remaining beads will stay intact. The clasp is made from an amber/plastic, with a plastic screw mechanism. The clasp is laboratory tested to release if excessive force is applied to the necklace, which ensures the highest safety. Unlike traditional clasps used on children's necklaces (parrot clasp and ring) which do not release, they rely on the ring or necklace breaking to release.

If that wasn't enough they also look gorgeous, great for both boys and girls young and old. We have five lovely warm colours (Butterscotch, Honey, Cognac, Cherry and Multi) to choose from. Every necklace is unique with tiny air bubbles and natural particles within the amber itself. The beads are soft with smooth rounded edges that are comfortable for babies to wear. They look fantastic.